The sky is only the limit if you let it be.

Zero Gravity is closing the digital divide in Memphis.

Fueled by unbridled optimism.

Our vision is far and our aim is high. But it’s within our reach to create a community that embraces technology by giving all citizens the technological tools and knowledge to succeed in school and work.

Shoot for the stars. Then go further.

The goal isn’t just to catch up to peer cities. It’s to surpass the status quo and establish Memphis as a leader in technology access and aptitude. First, we must remove the barriers that are holding us down economically and technologically.

Four areas of focus:

  • Computer access and literacy

    Computer access and literacy

  • Digital education

    Digital education

  • Digital talent

    Digital talent

  • Startups



  • 45%

    Households in Memphis without
    broadband internet.
  • 50%

    Fewer job births in ICT & High Tech High Growth Jobs in 2011 than in 1980

Something’s got to give.

When a new idea is introduced into a community, one of them has to change to fit the other. Zero Gravity believes it’s time for Memphis to expand our social envelope to fit the pace, prevalence, and power of technology. That means making our schools, government, private sector and public sector organizations rethink their approach to technology in Memphis.


Zero Gravity is a report of research, experiments, and recommended strategies that are available for the public to use in Memphis and other communities working to close their digital divides. Start Co., a venture development organization in Memphis, was engaged by a local foundation to produce the report. Although there are active partners working in many of the focus areas in the report, it is encouraged that other individuals, organizations, and companies join in or create their own digital pursuits, and hopefully Zero Gravity will provide value in such pursuits.

Zero Gravity Partners

  • Start Co.

    Start Co.

  • Cloud 901

    Cloud 901

  • Memphis Grizzlies Foundation

    Memphis Grizzlies Foundation

  • Orion


  • Capital C

    Capital C

  • Tech901


  • Workforce Investment

    Workforce Investment

  • Code Crew

    Code Crew

  • Consortium


  • Connect Home

    Connect Home

  • Memphis Technology Foundation

    Memphis Technology Foundation

Help us lift off.

If you are currently in the space of digital access, literacy, education, talent, or job creation, please contact us at